John K. Watts - Dynamic Duo

Dynamic Duo

During the early 1970s, John Watts was approached by George Chapman (then head of Perth Radio Station 6PM) to form a variety style radio program. The proposal was to team up with popular DJ and talented radio producer Barry Martin to create this new style of show. It was originally slotted in the morning hours as a trial and would not disrupt the popular and highly rated afternoon and early evening programs. At this time, the morning slots were considered unpopular by radio announcers and it was therefore relatively easy for Watts and Martin to have unrivalled "air-time" during these hours.

Unknowingly and with no intention of doing so, Watts and Martin had created one of the first "Breakfast Shows". It proved to be a hit with the public and within only six months, most people were waking up to the "Watts and Martin Breakfast Show" and the ratings reflected their instant popularity.

By the late Seventies they became known as the Dynamic Duo and were a popular and familiar face in Australian broadcasting. They became both famous and infamous with their larrikin type antics and special brand of humour. Such instances of calling the State Premier early on a Wednesday morning to talk about Football or "giving away free tickets to sail on the Queen's Yacht up the Swan River" when she visited, became part of broadcasting comedic history. They helped welcome in Qantas Airways' first B747 into Perth, the Australind Train Service to Bunbury and the renewed Indian Pacific Train Service (to which John Watts penned another song).

Eventually as ratings soared, the late Kerry Packer asked John and Barry to come and work for him. They were allowed more commercial freedom and had access to the latest equipment and studios. It was during this time that they were at the height of their success in the early 1980s and they ended up becoming the only Breakfast Radio Program in Australia to ever hold more than 50% of the population in ratings. This record still stands today.

Although politically incorrect and often controversial for its time, Watts always maintained that it "was all in good fun". His jokes often pointed fun at other sporting codes, politicians, other footballers (see Mal Brown) and himself. He has been regarded by many as the forerunner to modern Football Panel and Breakfast Radio style programs and most of his methods are still widely used today that he developed when television was in its formative years.

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