John Jones - Political Figures

Political Figures

  • John Jones (MP for Gloucester) (died 1630)
  • John Jones (Parliamentarian) (1610–1692), English Member of Parliament for the City of London, 1661–1679
  • John Jones (d. 1818) (born c. 1752), businessman and political figure in Lower Canada
  • John Gabriel Jones (1752–1776), colonial American pioneer and politician
  • John Rice Jones (1759–1824), American politician, jurist, and pioneer
  • John Jones (Bedford politician) (1761–1842), politician in Lower Canada
  • John Jones of Ystrad (1777–1842), MP for Carmarthen, 1821–1832
  • John Patterson Jones (1779–1858), New York politician
  • John Winston Jones (1791–1848), US congressman from Virginia
  • John Jones (Ojibwa chief) (1798–1847), Chief of the Credit Mission Ojibwa, 1840–1847
  • John William Jones (1806–1871), US congressman from Georgia
  • John Jones (Carmarthenshire MP) (1812–1886), British Member of Parliament for Carmarthenshire, 1868–1880
  • John Jones (born 1823), first black Cook County (Chicago) commissioner
  • John James Jones (1824–1898), US Representative from Georgia
  • John P. Jones (1829–1912), Republican Senator from Nevada and founder of Santa Monica, CA
  • Alderman John Jones, 19th century English politician and Mayor of Wolverhampton for a record three consecutive terms
  • John Richard Jones, 19th century New Zealand politician
  • John S. Jones (1836–1903), Union brevet brigadier general and later U.S. Congressman from Ohio
  • John Edward Jones (governor) (1840–1896), Welsh-born Governor of Nevada
  • John D. Jones (1849–1914), Minnesota politician and Speaker of the Minnesota House of Representatives
  • John Jones (Los Angeles politician), president of the Los Angeles, California, Common Council 1870–1871
  • Evan John Jones (1872–1952), US Representative from Pennsylvania
  • John Joseph Jones (1873–1941), British Labour MP for Silvertown
  • John Walter Jones (1878–1954), Canadian politician
  • John Marvin Jones (1886–1976), US Representative from Texas
  • John Henry Jones (1894–1962), British Labour MP for Bolton, later MP for Rotherham
  • Sir John Jones (MI5 officer) (1923–1998), Director General of MI5, the United Kingdom's internal security service
  • John Bailey Jones (born 1927), U.S. federal judge
  • John O. Jones (born 1940), Illinois state senator
  • John E. Jones III (born 1955), US federal judge for the Middle District of Pennsylvania

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