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  • John Jones of Gellilyfdy (c. 1578–c. 1658), Welsh calligrapher, manuscript collector and antiquary
  • John Jones (Jac Glan-y-gors) (1766–1821), Welsh language satirical poet and radical pamphleteer
  • John Gale Jones (1769–1838), English radical orator
  • John Jones (Tegid) (1792–1852), Welsh clergyman and writer
  • John Jones (Talhaiarn) (1810–1869), Welsh poet
  • John Jones (Myrddin Fardd) (1836–1921), Welsh writer
  • John W. Jones (artist) (born c. 1950), American artist
  • John Marshall Jones (born 1962), American actor and director
  • John Simon Jones, actor

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