John Barbour

John Barbour may refer to:

  • John Barbour (poet) (c. 1316–1395), Scottish poet
  • John S. Barbour (1790–1855), U.S. congressman from Virginia
  • John S. Barbour, Jr. (1820–1892), his son, also a politician from Virginia
  • John Strode Barbour (1866–1952), American newspaper editor, lawyer, mayor, and statesman
  • John Barbour (actor) (born 1934?), Canadian-born broadcaster and television personality in the United States
  • Sir John Milne Barbour, known as Milne Barbour (1868–1951), Northern Irish politician
  • John Barbour (clothing maker), namesake of J. Barbour & Sons, a British manufacturer of outerwear
  • John Baxter Barbour, Jr. (1862-1929), president of Pittsburgh Stock Exchange