J.Lo By Jennifer Lopez - Glow For Women

Glow For Women

In March 2002, it was announced that J.Lo by Jennifer Lopez (Sweetface) was to go in business with the Lancaster Group (a division of Coty, Inc. to create a fragrance/make up line to be endorsed by Lopez, to be a part of the J.Lo line. On the partnership, a Lancaster representative said "The products will be designed to reflect the inspirational, confident and desirable qualities of Jennifer Lopez herself." Lopez said that the cosmetics line will reflect the brand, "I think people will find that this fragrance embodies the J.Lo brand's spirit, character, energy -- it is a true reflection of the modern, independent, yet passionate woman," Lopez said in a statement." Glow for Women was launched in August 2002, as one of the most hyped launches of the year.

In late 2002, her debut fragrance, Glow by J.Lo was released, and brought in $40 million internationally in just the space of the remaining months of 2002. The fragrance briefly faced a lawsuit with Glow Industries, which was ruled in Lopez & Coty, Inc.'s favor. The fragrance has led a a handful of flankers, and Lopez's 18th fragrance Glowing is the most recent. It is the original scent's 13th flanker.

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