Jimmie is a variation of the given name James.

Jimmie may refer to:

  • Jimmie Adams (1888-1933), silent film comedian
  • Jimmie Ã…kesson (born 1979), Swedish politician
  • Jimmie Angel (1899-1956), American aviator for whom Angel Falls is named
  • Jimmie Davis (1899-2000), singer and two-time Governor of Louisiana
  • Jimmie Dodd (1910-1964), master of ceremonies of the television show The Mickey Mouse Club
  • Jimmie Fidler (1900-1988), American columnist, journalist, and radio and television personality
  • Jimmie Foxx (1907-1967), Hall of Fame Major League Baseball player
  • Jimmie Guthrie (1897-1937), Scottish motorcycle racer
  • Jimmie Hall (born 1938), Major League Baseball player
  • Jimmie Heuga (1943-2010), one of the first two American men alpine skiers to win an Olympic medal
  • Jimmie Johnson (born 1975), American race car driver
  • Jimmie Lunceford (1902-1947), American jazz musician and bandleader
  • Jimmie Mattern (1905-1988), American aviator
  • Jimmie W. Monteith (1917-1944), US Army officer posthumously awarded the Medal of Honor
  • Jimmie Nicol (born 1939), temporary replacement drummer with The Beatles
  • Jimmie Noone (1895-1944), American jazz clarinetist
  • Jimmie Reese (1901-1994), American Major League Baseball player
  • Jimmie Rodgers (country singer) (1897-1933), American singer
  • Jimmie Spheeris (1949-1984), American singer and songwriter
  • Jimmie Walker (born 1947), American actor and stand-up comedian, star of the television show Good Times
  • Jimmie Wilson (1900-1947), American Major League Baseball player and manager, and soccer player