Jews in Japan - List of Notable Jews in Japan

List of Notable Jews in Japan

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  • James Rosenberg
  • Alfred Birnbaum
  • Dan Calichman
  • Lopo Sarmento de Carvalho
  • Julie Dreyfus
  • Peter Drucker, management consultant
  • Rachel Elior
  • Ofer Feldman, University Professor
  • Péter Frankl, Hungarian mathematician
  • Martin "Marty" Adam Friedman, rock guitarist
  • Ayako Fujitani, writer and actress, convert
  • Szymon Goldberg
  • David G. Goodman, Japanologist
  • Karl Taro Greenfeld, journalist and author
  • Manfred Gurlitt
  • Jack Halpern, Israeli linguist, Kanji-scholar
  • Suiren Higashino, female photographer, model (Israeli mother)
  • Shifra Horn
  • Chaim Janowski
  • Max Janowski
  • Charles L. Kadis (ja)
  • Kanji (Yitzhak) Ishizumi (Japanese: 石角完爾), convert
  • Rena "Rusty" Kanokogi, née Glickman
  • Abraham Kaufman
  • Michael Kogan, founder of Taito Corporation
  • Fumiko Kometani, author and artist, convert
  • Setsuzo Kotsuji, Hebrew professor, convert
  • Leonid Kreutzer, pianist
  • Joseph Henry Levyssohn
  • Yaacov Liberman
  • Henryk Lipszyc
  • Leza Lowitz, American Japanologist
  • Alan Merrill
  • Sulamith Messerer
  • Emmanuel Metter
  • Michael "Mike" S. Molasky, Japanologist
  • Albert Mosse
  • John Nathan
  • Emil Orlík
  • Klaus Pringsheim
  • Roger Pulvers
  • Ludwig Riess
  • Joseph Rosenstock, conductor of the NHK Symphony Orchestra
  • Jay Rubin
  • Lester Salwin
  • Raphael "Ralph" Schoyer (1800–1865)
  • Steven Seagal
  • Arie Selinger
  • Ben-Ami Shillony, Israeli Japanologist
  • Kurt Singer
  • Beate Sirota, former Performing Arts Director of Japan Society and Asia Society
  • Leo Sirota
  • Dave Spector
  • Zerach Warhaftig
  • Sally Weil
  • Luís de Almeida (Hebrew Catholic)
  • Vladimir Ashkenazy, Patrilineal Jew
  • Peter Barakan, Patrilineal Jew
  • Bernard Jean Bettelheim (Jewish Christian)
  • Hideo Levy, Patrilineal Jew
  • Steven Seagal, Patrilineal Jew
Refugees, short expatriates
  • Moshe Atzmon
  • Robert Alan Feldman
  • George W. F. Hallgarten
  • Albert Kahn (banker)
  • Mirra Alfassa
  • Emil Lederer
  • Karl Löwith
  • Norman Mailer
  • Leo Melamed
  • Franz Oppenheimer
  • Moritz Philippson
  • A. M. Pollak, Ritter von Rudin
  • Hayyim Selig Slonimski
Other related people to Judaism and Jews in Japan
  • Hana Brady, George Brady
  • Junko Chodos
  • Samuel Isaac Joseph Schereschewsky
  • Jeremy Glick
  • Lili Kraus
  • Samuel Ullman

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