Jessore Sloth Bear Sanctuary - Conservation


Schedule I of the Indian Wildlife Protection Act of 1972 provides for legal protection of sloth bears. The Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES) as per list in Appendix I prohibits International trade of sloth bear.

To address the human-bear conflict it has been suggested that people may be educated about the conservation ethics, particularly among locals. It is suggested that, to resolve this conflict the basic issue of deteriorating habitat, which is the reason for the conflict between people and bears, improvements through government or community-based reforestation programmes may be promoted.

It has also been noted that the population of sloth bears grows when they live in high profile reserves that protect species, such as tigers and elephants. It has been recommended that directly managed reserves would conserve the sloth bear and hence such reserves must be supported.

Government of India has banned use of sloth bear for entertainment and there is also a 'Sloth Bear Welfare Project' in the country with the objective of putting an end to the use of sloth bears for entertainment. However, their number in such activity is still large. Many organizations are helping in the conservation and preservation of sloth bears in safe places.

Proposals to create a biological corridor of four protected areas in the Aravalli hills as conservation area namely, the Jessore and Balaram Ambaji in Gujarat in Banskantha and Sabarkantha, and Mt. Abu and Fulwar-Ki-Nar in the districts of Udaipur and Sirohi in Rajasthan to be developed as multiple use zones, have been mooted since all these are sanctuaries for sloth bear. Community participation is also suggested in this plan.

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