Jeff Bujak - Live Performances

Live Performances

Jeff Bujak started full-time US touring in in 2001 with the addition of keyboards to the Tempe, AZ based jam-rock band Somebody's Closet. Somebody's Closet toured for 9-years and released 4-full length albums; 2 of which Bujak is playing keyboards. In 2006 after releasing "Peaces of Man and Machine," Jeff Bujak started performing small select solo shows as a one-man electronica act playing songs from that album. Over short time, the solo project became his main focus. According to Jambase, Bujak played 22-live shows in 2007, 91-shows in 2008, 106-shows in 2009 and 72-shows in 2010.

When performing live, Jeff Bujak controls all aspects of the performance, down to the lighting. He strictly performs solo with the occasional exception of a sit-in or a live improv session. In 2010, he started playing limited shows with "Normal Instruments," a side-project for 4-northeast area musicians.

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