Jeep Cherokee (XJ)

Jeep Cherokee (XJ)

The Jeep Cherokee (XJ) is a unibody (monocoque) compact SUV produced by the Jeep division of Chrysler. It shared the name of the original full-size SJ model, but without a body-on-frame chassis, it set the stage for the modern sport utility vehicle (SUV). The XJ's innovative appearance and sales popularity spawned important imitators as other automakers began to notice that this model began replacing regular cars. It was built in Toledo, Ohio, in Beijing, China, in Ferreyra, Argentina, and in Valencia, Venezuela. The XJ provided the mechanical basis for the MJ-series Jeep Comanche pickup truck.

The XJ was selected by Robert Cumberford of Automobile magazine as one of the 20 greatest cars of all time, calling it "possibly the best SUV shape of all time, it is the paradigmatic model to which other designers have since aspired".

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