JDM is an abbreviation or initialism that may refer to:

  • Java Data Mining
  • Java Device Manager, Nortel Device Manager
  • Japanese domestic market - car models and parts unique to Japan
  • Jeannie Dance Music (JDM) - This term was coined, By "The Magic Of John Sanchez"(Feb-2000).
  • Jesus Disciples Movement
  • Joint Design Manufacturing
  • Juvenile dermatomyositis
  • Jornada Del Muerto Motorcycle Riders Association
  • Judgment and Decision Making, a subfield of psychology
  • James Douglas Morrison (Jim Morrison), singer
  • Jens Dyekjaer Madsen, inventor of the original device programmer used for programming microcontrollers such as the PIC line from Microchip Technology
  • Jeffrey Dean Morgan, actor
  • Jonathon Miller, BL player