Javanese Alphabet

The Javanese alphabet, natively known as Hanacaraka (ꦲꦤꦕꦫꦏ) or Carakan (ꦕꦫꦏꦤ꧀), known by the Sundanese people as Cacarakan (ꦕꦕꦫꦏꦤ꧀) is the pre-colonial script used to write the Javanese language. The Javanese term for this script is "Dentawiyanjana".

Javanese language nowadays is written mainly in the Latin alphabet, instead of Javanese script, for practical purposes. As of 2009 Javanese script has already been added to Unicode in version 5.2. Even so, since its complex script was not supported by TrueType, writing and rendering Javanese on a computer still not as easy as writing in Latin, therefore it hasn't gained any currency except among preservationists.

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