Jason Smith

Jason Smith may refer to:

  • Jason Smith (actor) (born 1984), Australian actor
  • Jason Smith (basketball, born 1986), New Orleans Hornets power forward
  • Jason Smith (basketball, born 1974) (born 1974), Australian basketball player
  • Jason Smith (American football) (born 1986), American football player for the New York Jets
  • Jason Smith (baseball) (born 1977), baseball player
  • Jason Smith (curler) (born 1983), American curler
  • Jason Smith (ice hockey) (born 1973), Canadian ice hockey defenceman
  • Jason Smith (rugby league) (born 1972), Australian rugby league footballer
  • Jason Matthew Smith (born 1972), American film and television actor
  • Jason Smith (snowboarder) (born 1982), Olympic athlete
  • Jason Smith (sports radio personality) (born 1970), American sports radio personality
  • Jason Samuels Smith (born 1980), American tap dance performer, choreographer, and director
  • Jason Smith (soccer), American soccer coach and former player
  • Jason T. Smith (born 1980), Republican member of the Missouri House of Representatives

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