Jason Della Rocca

Jason Della Rocca (born 1974) is the former executive director of the International Game Developers Association (IGDA): Della Rocca supervised the daily operations, outreach initiatives, and membership programs of the organization from September 2000 to March 2009. After leaving the IGDA, Della Rocca founded Perimeter Partners, a consultancy that provides strategic level guidance and expertise to companies and organizations in, and around, the game industry globally.

Della Rocca is a well-known figure within the game development community and was honored for his industry building efforts with the inaugural Ambassador Award at the 8th annual Game Developers Choice Awards. Della Rocca was also named to Game Developer Magazine's 2009 "The Game Developer 50", a list which profiles 50 of the most important contributors to the current state of the game industry.

Della Rocca used the phrase "massacre chaser" in response to an inquiry from MSNBC reporter Winda Benedetti discussing Jack Thompson's quick blaming of video games as the root of the Virginia Tech massacre.

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