Jarchives: 10 Years of Bodyjar

"Jarchives: 10 Years of Bodyjar" is Bodyjar's second compilation CD, released in 2003. The album contains their most popular songs from previous albums (such as Rimshot, No Touch Red, How It Works and Plastic Skies), their cover of "Borderline" originally recorded for a Midnight Oil tribute album, and two new songs exclusive to the compilation - "17 Years" and "Don't Sell Me Out". In addition, the sleeve features testimonials from members of fellow Australian punk acts, such as The Living End, One Dollar Short and Blueline Medic. Initial copies came with a DVD featuring music videos and interviews. This would eventually be released separately from the CD.

It was also to become Bodyjar's last release for major label EMI/Capitol, before defecting back to indie Shock Records.

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