Japanese School

Japanese School may mean

  • Education in Japan
  • Shiritsu zaigai kyoiku shisetsu (私立在外教育施設), an overseas campus of a Japanese private school, thus run by a private school corporation. Accredited by Japan's Ministry of education and science.
  • Nihonjin gakko (日本人学校), a school outside of Japan for the native speakers of Japanese, usually run by a Japanese association. Accredited by Japan's Ministry of education and science.
  • Hoshu jugyo ko (補習授業校) or Hoshu ko (補習校), a supplementary school outside of Japan run by a local Japanese association. It offers a part of Nihonjin gakko's curriculum after school hours or on weekends. Accredited by Japan's Ministry of education and science.
  • Toronto Japanese School, a supplementary school run by the Toronto Shokokai Inc.
  • Minnesota Japanese School, a supplementary Japanese school in Richfield, Minnesota.
  • Zaigai kyoiku shisetsu (在外教育施設), meaning "an educational institute overseas". The definition is vague and sometimes it includes Nihonjin gakko and Hoshu ko, but this category refers to commercial or non-profit private institutions that offer Hoshuko-like programs. Although many of them are named "Hoshu ko" (meaning a supplementary school), their programs are considered as Juku (塾), not accredited by the Japanese government.

Japanese School also may refer to

  • language school, a school for non-speakers of Japanese to learn the language.

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