Jane Collier

Jane Collier (1714 – March 1755) was an English novelist most famous for her book An Essay on the Art of Ingeniously Tormenting (1753). She also collaborated with Sarah Fielding on her only other surviving work The Cry (1754).

During her life, she was able to meet and work with many famous writers of her day. In particular, Samuel Richardson and Henry Fielding both had a particular interest in her intelligence and in her writing ability.

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    Jane Hudson: Bravo.
    Rosano Brazzi: Grazie.
    Jane Hudson: Prego. That about concludes my entire performance in Italian.
    H.E. Bates, British screenwriter, and David Lean. Jane Hudson (Katherine Hepburn)

    Oh, what’s the matter wi’ you, my lass,
    An’ where’s your dashin Jimmy?
    The sowdger boys have picked him up
    And sent him far, far frae me.
    —Unknown. Jimmy’s Enlisted; or, The Recruited Collier (l. 1–4)