James Stuart

James Stuart may refer to:

  • King James I of England (1566–1625), James VI of Scotland
  • King James II of England (1633–1701), James VII of Scotland
  • James Stuart, Duke of Cambridge (1663–1667)
  • James Francis Edward Stuart (1688–1766), "the Old Pretender", claimant to the thrones of England and Scotland
  • James Stuart (Church of Scotland) (1701-1789) translator into Scottish Gaelic of the New Testament
  • James Stuart (1713–1788), "Athenian" Stuart, archaeologist and architect
  • James Stuart (East India Company officer) (died 1793), British general of the East India Company
  • James Stuart (British Army officer) (1741–1815), British general in North America and India
  • James Stuart-Wortley-Mackenzie (1747–1818)
  • James Stuart-Wortley, 1st Baron Wharncliffe (1776–1845)
  • Sir James Stuart, 1st Baronet (1780–1853), Lower Canada lawyer, politician, judge
  • James Stuart (artist) (1802–1842), quarantine officer, naturalist & artist
  • James Stuart-Wortley (Conservative politician) (1805–1881), British Conservative Party politician
  • James Ewell Brown Stuart (1833–1864), Confederate States military officer in the American Civil War
  • James Stuart (politician) (1843–1913), Professor of Mechanism and Applied Mechanics at Cambridge University and Liberal Party politician
  • James Stuart, 1st Viscount Stuart of Findhorn (1897–1971), Conservative Party politician and Secretary of State for Scotland
  • James Stuart (opera director) (1928–2005), American tenor and opera director
  • James Patrick Stuart (born 1968), American film and television actor
  • James Stuart-Wortley (New Zealand politician) (1833–1870)
  • James H. Stuart, Former mayor of Kelowna
  • James Stuart (rugby league) (born 1988), Australian rugby league player
  • James Gibb Stuart, financial author
  • Jim Stuart (1919–1985), American football player

Several Earls of Moray, including

  • James Stewart, 1st Earl of Moray (1501 creation) (c. 1500–1544)
  • James Stewart, 1st Earl of Moray (c. 1531–1570)
  • James Stuart, 3rd Earl of Moray (died 1638)
  • James Stuart, 4th Earl of Moray (1611–1653)
  • James Stuart, 8th Earl of Moray (1708–1767)

and several Earls of Bute and their predecessors, including:

  • Sir James Stuart, 1st Baronet, of Bute (died 1662)
  • James Stuart, 1st Earl of Bute (died 1710)
  • James Stuart, 2nd Earl of Bute (died 1723)

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    The time-honored bread-sauce of the happy ending.
    —Henry James (1843–1916)

    Marriage is the only actual bondage known to our law. There remain no legal slaves, except the mistress of every house.
    —John Stuart Mill (1806–1873)