James Stewart - Broadway Performances

Broadway Performances

  • Carry Nation (October – November 1932)
  • Goodbye Again (December 1932 – July 1933)
  • Spring in Autumn (October – November 1933)
  • All Good Americans (December 1933 – January 1934)
  • Yellow Jack (May 1934)
  • Divided By Three (October 1934)
  • Page Miss Glory (November 1934 – March 1935)
  • A Journey By Night (April 1935)
  • Harvey (July – August 1947, July – August 1948, replacing vacationing Frank Fay, who created the role on Broadway)
  • Harvey (revival, February – May 1970)

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Famous quotes containing the words broadway and/or performances:

    Too many Broadway actors in motion pictures lost their grip on success—had a feeling that none of it had ever happened on that sun-drenched coast, that the coast itself did not exist, there was no California. It had dropped away like a hasty dream and nothing could ever have been like the things they thought they remembered.
    Mae West (1892–1980)

    At one of the later performances you asked why they called it a “miracle,”
    Since nothing ever happened. That, of course, was the miracle
    But you wanted to know why so much action took on so much life
    And still managed to remain itself, aloof, smiling and courteous.
    John Ashbery (b. 1927)