James Stephens

James Stephens may refer to:

  • James Stephens (MP), 17th century MP for Gloucester
  • James B. Stephens (1806–1889), founder of East Portland, Oregon
  • James Stephens (trade unionist) (1821–1889), Welsh-born Australian stonemason and trade unionist
  • James Stephens (Fenian) (1825–1901), Irish revolutionary
  • James Brunton Stephens (1835–1902), Scottish-born Australian poet and teacher
  • James Stephens (author) (1882–1950), Irish novelist and poet
  • James Stephens (actor) (born 1951), United States T.V. and film actor

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Famous quotes containing the words james and/or stephens:

    Essential truth, the truth of the intellectualists, the truth with no one thinking it, is like the coat that fits tho no one has ever tried it on, like the music that no ear has listened to. It is less real, not more real, than the verified article; and to attribute a superior degree of glory to it seems little more than a piece of perverse abstraction-worship.
    —William James (1842–1910)

    straightway like a bell
    Came low and clear
    The slow, sad murmur of the distant seas,
    —James Kenneth Stephens (1882–1950)