James Blackmore

James Blackmore (February 2, 1821 – February 6, 1875) was Mayor of Pittsburgh from 1868–1869 and 1872–1875.

Blackmore was born in 1821 in Washington County, Pennsylvania. His father was County Treasurer in 1855, and young Blackmore served as Chief Clerk. Mayor Blackmore was engaged in the lumber and coal business.

The city expanded east and George Westinghouse began manufacture of the air brake in the Strip District during Mayor Blackmore's initial term.

A new City Hall was completed on Smithfield Street and the city's southern boundaries were extended during Mayor Blackmore's second term. James Blackmore's last address was 167 Wylie Avenue.

He died February 6, 1875, less than a week after finishing his term, and is buried in Allegheny Cemetery.

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