James Balfour

James Balfour may refer to:

  • James Balfour, Lord Pittendreich (c. 1525–1583), Scottish judge and politician
  • Sir James Balfour, 1st Baronet (c. 1600–c. 1658), Scottish annalist and antiquary and Lord Lyon King of Arms from 1650–1658
  • James Balfour (philosopher) (1705–1795), Scottish philosopher
  • James Balfour (clergyman) (1731–1809), Newfoundland Church of England clergyman
  • James Balfour (British Army officer) (born c.1745), Commander-in-chief of Bombay, 1794; colonel of the 83rd Regiment
  • James Balfour (Scottish politician) (died 1845), Member of Parliament for Anstruther Burghs 1826–1831 and Haddingtonshire 1831–1835
  • James Maitland Balfour (1820–1856), Scottish politician
  • James Balfour (Australian politician) (1830–1913), Scottish-born Australian merchant and politician
  • James Balfour (architect) (1854–1917), Canadian architect from Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
  • James Balfour (mayor) (1867–?), educator, lawyer and political figure in Saskatchewan, Canada
  • James Balfour (Canadian politician) (1928–1999)