Jacques Lancelot

Jacques Lancelot born in Rouen France in 1920

He studied at the conservatory of Caen with Fernand Blachet, and at the Paris conservatory with Auguste Périer et Fernand Oubradous were he graduated in 1939, and is considered an exponent of the traditional French Clarinet School with a clear and transparent sound.

He was professor of clarinet at the conservatory of Caen for many years, as well as at the Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique de Lyon and at the "l'Académie Internationale de Nice". Frequently asked as juror in the Geneva competition and the Paris conservatory.

He was a solo performer at the famous Concerts Lamoureux and the Garde Républicaine, as well as a member of the famous "Quintette á vent Français", with:

  • Jean-Pierre Rampal, flute
  • Pierre Pierlot, oboe
  • Gilbert Coursier, horn
  • Paul Hongne, bassoon.

He created the famously difficult clarinet concerto by Jean Françaix of which, in 1976, in his book "Clarinet", Jack Brymer wrote:

"A work for the future, possibly, when the instrument has developed further or the human hand has changed. At present, its roulades in the key of B major are beyond almost any player; but the work is a worthwhile challenge, and the A-clarinet would probably provide the answer."

Additionally, he created works by Jean Rivier, Roger Calmel, Bernard Beugnot and others.

A clarinet competition was named after him : "Jacques Lancelot International Clarinet Competition".

He has a considerable discography on Erato and King Records

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