Jacobsen may refer to:

  • Jacobsen (surname), people with the surname Jacobsen

In places:

  • Jacobsen, California, in El Dorado County
  • Jacobsen Bight, South Georgia

In other uses:

  • Jacobsen, a brand of lawn-care products owned by conglomerate Textron
  • Jacobsen (beer)
  • H. N. Jacobsens Bókahandil, bookshop in Tórshavn and Faroe
  • Jacobsen rearrangement, chemical reaction
  • Jacobsen syndrome, congenital disorder
  • Theodore Jacobsen Observatory, University of Washington, U.S.
  • Jacobsen v. Katzer, a lawsuit relevant to intellectual property law
  • Jacobsen Elektro, an independent power producer, headquartered in Norway