Jack Driscoll

Jack Driscoll is a fictional character in the King Kong franchise. In the original 1933 film he was the first mate of the ship The Venture, while in its 2005 remake he was a playwright (the less faithful 1976 remake had an analogous character named Jack Prescott, played by Jeff Bridges). He was played by Bruce Cabot in the original and by Adrien Brody in the remake. In both versions he is one of the main heroes of the story, a man who is on a ship heading for the mysterious Skull Island where Carl Denham intends to make a film. On the way, Driscoll falls in love with the actress, Ann Darrow, and when she is kidnapped by a giant ape on the island, Kong, Driscoll rescues her after helping to lead a search. Beyond these facts, even his characterization is quite different in the two films.

Driscoll is a supporting character in Kong: King of Skull Island, an "authorized" illustrated-novel that continues the Kong story in 1957.

Driscoll is also one of couple of playable characters in the video game Peter Jackson's King Kong, along with Kong himself.

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