ISO 2709 - Fields


There are three kinds of fields in the ISO 2709 record:

  • Record identifier field—identifying the record and assigned by the organization that creates the record. The record identifier field has tag 001.
  • Reserved fields—Reserved fields supply data which may be required for the processing of the record. Reserved fields always have a tag in the range 002–009 and 00A–ZZZ.
  • Bibliographic Fields—these are in the range 010–999 and 0AA–ZZZ. The bibliographic fields contain data and a field separator (IS2 of ISO 646). They can also have these optional sub-parts:
    • Indicator (0–9 characters, as coded in the Leader)—Indicators generally provide further information about the contents of the field, the relationship between the field and other fields in the record, or about action required in certain data manipulation processes (including display labels).
    • Identifier (0–9 characters)—This identifies data within the bibliographic field. Where used, identifiers are composed of a delimiter (1 char, IS1 of ISO 646) and an identifying code (1–9 chars, as defined in the leader), plus a variable length string containing the data.

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