Ismail Samani - Legacy


According to a Bukharian historian writing in 943 stated that Ismail:

"was indeed worthy and right for padishahship. He was intelligent, just, compassionate person, one possessing reason and prescience...he conducted affairs with justice and good ethics. Whoever tyrannize people he would punish...In affairs of state he was always impartial."

The celebrated scholar Nizam al-Mulk, in his famous work, Siyasatnama, stated that Ismail:

"was extremely just, and his good qualities were many. He had pure faith in God (to Him be power and glory) and he was generous to the poor - to name only one of his notable virtues.

The Somoni currency of Tajikistan is named after Ismail. Also, the highest mountain in Tajikistan and in the former Soviet Union is named after Ismail. The mountain was formerly known as "Stalin Peak" and "Communism Peak" but was subsequently changed to the Ismoil Somoni Peak.

Also the greatest award of Tajikistan which is equal to $2000 USD is in his name.

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