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In about 1851 McLellan moved to New York City, and there formed the acquaintance of the sporting celebrities of the day, who congregated at the old Spirit of the Times office, where William T. Porter presided one of the best-known, and, at that time, the most popular of all the editorial fraternity in the city. Here he met and became friends with the sporting author Henry William Herbert.

During several years he passed a part of each season on the coast of Virginia and at Currituck Sound, North Carolina, where the water fowl were then very abundant. In later years he followed the sport of duck-shooting at the Shinnecock Inlet and Great South Bay, Long Island, where he has resided for some time, in close proximity to the finest resorts of wild-fowl.

While in Virginia he contributed a valuable sketch to his friend Genio C. Scott's Fishing in American Waters, and also supplied the poetical gems in that standard work. In later life he contributed occasionally to the sporting journals of the day - the Turf, Field and Farm, Forest and Stream, American Angler, etc., besides the Home Journal and other periodicals of high literary merit. His ardor for field-sports was unquenched by age. His closing years were spent at Greenport, Long Island. Here he died of exhaustion, due to old age, August 20, 1899, aged 93 years, 2 months, and 29 days. He never married.

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