Interface, Inc.

Interface, Inc. (NASDAQ: IFSIA), founded in 1973 and beginning operations in LaGrange, Georgia, claims to be the world's largest manufacturer of modular carpet for commercial and residential applications. It also sells commercial broadloom carpets. In 2008, it sold its commercial upholstery fabrics division and took a huge write-down. Its founder and chairman, Ray Anderson, was featured in the documentary film The Corporation discussing environmental sustainability in modern business. Interface's initial innovation was manufacturing "the first free-lay carpet tiles in America".2 Then, starting in 1994, Interface focused on environmental sustainability, especially in reducing the use of petroleum. Since 1996, Interface chose to adopt an innovation-based green strategy. In a short period, it managed to reduce its impact on the environment by one third. In 2003, Interface announced a partnership with Tricycle Inc. to dematerialize (moving from physical to digital) their product development and sampling processes on a global basis. In 2006, Interface announced a program called Mission Zero with a goal of eliminating any negative impact the company may have on the environment by 2020. Complete history and claims can be viewed on its corporate web site listed below.

On May 9, 2007, Interface was recognized as Recyclers of the Year by the Carpet America Recovery Effort (CARE). Interface was voted number one in Globespan's survey of environmentally sustainable businesses. They are also the recent recipient of a Queen’s Award for Sustainable Development.