Intensity - Other Uses

Other Uses

  • Value intensity in philosophy and ethics
  • In video luminous emittance, the luminous flux per unit area (lm/m2 or lux)
  • Energy intensity, an economic measure of energy consumed per unit of GDP (J/$, etc.)
  • Carbon intensity, any of several measures of release of carbon into the environment
  • Floor area ratio, the ratio of the total floor area of buildings on a certain location to the size of the land of that location, or the zoning limit imposed on such a ratio
  • Exercise intensity, a measure of how much work is done during exercise (% of max heart rate)
  • Intensity (novel), a 1995 novel by Dean Koontz
    • Intensity (film), a 1997 made for TV movie based on the novel
  • Intensity (Art Pepper album), 1960
  • Intensity (John Klemmer album), 1973
  • Intensity!, a 1999 album by The Bambi Molesters

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