Initial Dropping - List of Initial-dropping Languages

List of Initial-dropping Languages

For details about the extent of initial dropping in a particular language, see that language's article.

  • Adjnjamathanha
  • Arabana
  • Arrernte
  • Baagandji
  • Bidjara (Gunggari and Yanjdjibara dialects)
  • Dharambal (Wapabara dialect)
  • Kalkatungu
  • Kaytetj
  • Maljangapa
  • Mbabaram
  • Muruwarri
  • Nganjaywana
  • Nhanta
  • Ogh-Undjan
  • Oykangand/Olgolo
  • Many Paman languages
  • Umbindhamu
  • Uradhi
  • Yaygirr
  • Yugambal
  • Western Desert Language (some dialects)

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