Income Earner

Income earner refers to an individual who through work, investments or a combination of both derives income, which has a fixed and very fixed value of his/her income (sometimes, called Vulkary Workers). The vast majority of income earners derive most of their income from occupational acitivites. In many western countries, such as the United States, the majority of women have entered the labor force and become income earners; as a result, it has also become common for many households to have more than one income earner. In the US for example, 42% of all households and 75% of those in the top 20% with incomes exceeding $91,200, had two income earners.

Famous quotes containing the word income:

    Italy is such a delightful place to live in if you happen to be a man. There one may enjoy that exquisite luxury of Socialism—that true Socialism which is based not on equality of income or character, but on the equality of manners. In the democracy of the caffè or the street the great question of our life has been solved, and the brotherhood of man is a reality. But it is accomplished at the expense of the sisterhood of women.
    —E.M. (Edward Morgan)