Imperial Guard - List of Imperial Guards

List of Imperial Guards

  • Somatophylakes, bodyguards of Alexander the Great and the Macedonian Empires.
  • Persian Immortals aka Immortal Guards:
    • The Persian Immortals, existing in Persia under the Achaemenean dynasty
    • Immortals (Byzantine), established under the Byzantine emperor Michael VII
    • The Immortals, the Iranian Imperial Guard, existing in Persia and Iran in the 20th century under the Pahlavi dynasty
    • The Immortals, Nihang warriors or Sikh Akalis who have played the pivotal role in Sikh military history
  • Praetorian Guard of the Roman Empire, from around 27 B.C. until 312 A.D.
  • Jovians and Herculians, elite Guards legions during the Tetrarchy
  • Scholae Palatinae, late Roman Imperial Guards in both Western and Eastern Empires. Established in ca. 312, in the West until the 490s, in Byzantine service until ca. 1080.
  • The Northern Army of the Han Dynasty was the standing professional army branch of the Han Empire, garrisoned around the capital. Several units from this army would be given the honor of guarding the emperor in the capitol.
  • Spatharioi, Byzantine palace guards in the 5th-8th centuries
  • Tagmata, elite Byzantine guard units (8th century-11th century)
  • Hetaireia, Byzantine mercenary guard composed of men from Eastern Europe and Central Asia. (9th-12th centuries)
  • The Great Mona'spa Guard was an elite sub branch of the Kingdom of Georgia royal guard, which itself was an elite formation of the Georgian king's army.
  • Varangian Guard of the Byzantine Empire
  • Janissaries of the Ottoman Empire
  • Imperial Guards (Tang Dynasty), formed initially as honour bodyguards of the emperor and garrison of the capital, and evolved to reflect the era's transition of reliance on professional soldiery over non-professional volunteers and conscripts.
  • Imperial Guards Brigade of Manchu Banner soldiers, entrusted with guarding the person of the Emperor of China and the Forbidden City during the Qing dynasty
  • Imperial Guard of Manchukuo
  • Imperial Guard of Napoleon I and the First French Empire
  • Imperial Guard (Napoleon III) of the Second French Empire
  • Russian Imperial Guard, also known as the Leib Guard, of the Russian Emperor
  • Gardekorps of the German Empire
  • Imperial Guard of Japan
  • Esho of the Oyo Empire
  • Kebur Zabangna (Ethiopian empire)
  • Emperor's Bowmen of the Guard (Ancient Korea)
  • Kheshig of the Mongol Empire
  • The Household Division of the United Kingdom

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