I'm With Stupid (Static-X Song) - The Shovel Lady

The Shovel Lady

In the song, a woman’s voice is noticeable, making short, unclear statements. They are:

"So I grabbed my shovel..."
"...and I beat him in the skull and took him down..."
"and then I grabbed a rope and I hogtied him."

Asked about this issue, Wayne Static claims this is based on true events. "This is real," Wayne Static says, "It was sampled off of the news. Her neighbor had left on vacation. Her and her husband, I don't know the details but somebody broke into the neighbor's house while they were on vacation. So these two went over there and literally creased the guy's skull with a shovel. This was somewhere out in the backwoods of Southern California. The lady was on the news and they were interviewing her as though she was a hero. She lived in a trailer."

The voice is actually a sample of one of Linnea Quigley's lines in the film Sorority Babes in the Slimeball Bowl-O-Rama. Wayne Static's comment could have been a joke meant to win over the interviewer – or perhaps an attempt at concealing the source of the sample to avoid paying royalties.

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