Ids Postma

Ids Hylke Postma (born 28 December 1973 in Dearsum) is a Dutch former speed skater. He is an Olympic gold medalist and former world champion.

To some it would seem that Ids Postma made his debut in 1994, but the season before he already finished 2nd at the World Championships Speedskating for Juniors. In his first year as senior skater he became Dutch Allround Champion, finished second after Johann Olav Koss at the World Allround Championships, and became #4 in the European Championships, but nevertheless did not qualify for the Dutch Olympic team. In 1997 Postma won both the European Allround Championships and the World Allround Championships.

His greatest success came in 1998 when he became World Allround Champion again, setting also a world record in the point-sum combination, and won two Olympic medals at the Olympic Games in Nagano. He won the 1,000 meters event and placed second at his specialty, the 1,500 meters, just after Ådne Søndrål from Norway. Also in 1998 he was the first skater who skated an official world record on the 1,500 meters below 1:50.00, Postma did this in Berlin. Erben Wennemars did the same the summer before but that time was not ratified by the International Skating Union. Postma's record did not last long, because a few hours later Kevin Overland skated towards a new record in Calgary.

Postma is also a three time World Champion in the World Single Distance Championships. He won the 5,000 meters in 1996 and the 1,500 meters in 1999 and 2000.

In October 2004 Postma announced his retirement and nowadays he lives on his farm in Deersum. He married German speed skater Anni Friesinger on 11 August 2009 in Salzburg. The couple will not live together on the farm until renovations are complete. In August 2011 she gave birth to a daughter. He previously had a relationship with Renske Vellinga, until she died in a car crash in 1994.