IDL Drug Stores

IDL Drug Stores or the Independent Drugstores League was a cooperative of independent drugstores that disbanded in the late 1960s. Several drugstores retain the IDL name, including Seebers IDL in Newport, Washington and Schneiders IDL in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Among their promotional items were baseball trading cards.

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    Narcotics have been systematically scapegoated and demonized. The idea that anyone can use drugs and escape a horrible fate is an anathema to these idiots. I predict that in the near future, right wingers will use drug hysteria as a pretext to set up an international police apparatus.
    Gus Van Sant, U.S. screenwriter and director, and Dan Yost. Father Tom Murphy (William S. Burroughs)

    When their stores are full, idiots are considered wise.
    Punjabi proverb, trans. by Gurinder Singh Mann.