Ichirō Ozawa - Resignations


Ozawa resigned as DPJ president in May 2009 due to another scandal and was succeeded by Hatoyama. At the time of the August 2009 general election, Ozawa acted as the DPJ's chief election strategist and remained a very powerful figure in the party. The DPJ won an overwhelming victory in the 2009 election and Hatoyama became prime minister, and it was believed that Ozawa's influence would increase further. However, continuing finance scandals have left many Japanese questioning his integrity. A prosecution inquest panel has concluded: 'It is highly likely that Ozawa is an accomplice' in a scandal involving the purchase of land in Tokyo, 'and should therefore stand trial'.

In June 2010, Yukio Hatoyama announced his own resignation as Prime Minister and DPJ president and Ozawa's resignation as DPJ Secretary General. Ozawa had assumed the latter post after Hatoyama had assumed the party presidency in 2009.

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