Hypnotherapy in The United Kingdom

Hypnotherapy In The United Kingdom

In the United Kingdom there are several hypnotherapy organizations. Each organisation has a Code of Ethics and Practise seeking to protect the public and maintain professional standards. Over the years the number of hypnotherapy organisations has proliferated, often associated with particular training schools. There has been a notable lack of co-operation between organisations in coming up with any agreed public standard of training and code of practice for the hypnotherapy profession as a whole. However, progress is now being made in this area.

Distinctions can be made between hypnotherapy bodies affiliated to training colleges and those not affiliated - and between commercially operated organisations and professional membership associations or societies that are "not-for-profit" and are owned and operated by the members - and are required to publish accounts - and between those that are owned and operated by individuals (sole traders).

In addition distinctions can be made between training level requirements. Some organisations will only train those who already have a medical or psychological qualification - e.g. doctors, psychologists, nurses, dentists - and believe that it is unethical to practice if one has only been trained in hypnosis. Length of training is also important, some associations accredit members or training courses based on 7 days of classroom training, others accredit distance learning, others require 120 hours of classroom training.

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