Hurdy Gurdy Man - Notable Cover Versions

Notable Cover Versions

The song has been covered by many musicians over the years, including:

  • Progressive rock musician Steve Hillage, on his 1976 album L.
  • Alternative rock band the Butthole Surfers, on their 1991 album piouhgd.
  • Eartha Kitt in 1972 as a B-side to "Catch the Wind".
  • American alternative band Wild Colonials on their "Life As We Know It EP 1/4" (2007).
  • Sleaze rock band L.A. Guns on their covers album Rips the Covers Off.
  • The Losers, Howard Stern's band.
  • Neil Pye, the hippie character from British comedy series The Young Ones in 1984 for an album called Neil's Heavy Concept Album.
  • Howard Stern on The Howard Stern Show (2008)
  • Viva Voce included a cover of the song on the vinyl edition of their 2009 album, Rose City.
  • Raspin - single released April 2012 in honor of Donovan's induction into the Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame.

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