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  • Andrew Humphrey (1921–1977), Marshal of the Royal Air Force
  • Bobbi Humphrey (born 1950), American jazz flautist and singer
  • Chris Humphrey (born 1987), footballer
  • Claude Humphrey (born 1944), former American football defensive lineman
  • Doris Humphrey (1895–1958), dancer
  • Hubert Humphrey (MLM) (born 1942), United States founder of several multi-level marketing programs
  • Jake Humphrey (born 1978), television presenter
  • Mose Humphrey, a printer at the New York Sun and member of Fire Company 40
  • Nicholas Humphrey (born 1943), British psychologist
  • Renee Humphrey (born 1975), American actress
  • Ryan Humphrey (born 1979), American professional basketball player
  • Scott Humphrey, Canadian record producer and mix engineer
  • Tasha Humphrey (born 1985), professional basketball player
  • Terin Humphrey (born 1986), American gymnast
  • Tory Humphrey (born 1983), American football tight end
  • Watts Humphrey (1927–2010), American software engineer

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