Humanist may refer to:

  • A proponent or practitioner of humanism, which has several distinct senses, which are listed at Humanism and at Humanism (disambiguation)
  • A Renaissance Humanist or scholar in the Renaissance
  • Humanist sans-serif, a classification of the sans-serif typeface
  • Humanist (typography), a class of typeface styles
  • Humanist (electronic seminar), an email discussion list on humanities computing, described as “an international online seminar on humanities computing and the digital humanities”
  • The Humanist (journal), a magazine published by the American Humanist Association
  • Humanist (journal), a magazine published by the Norwegian Humanist Association
  • A scholar or academic in the Humanities

Famous quotes containing the word humanist:

    As one who knows many things, the humanist loves the world precisely because of its manifold nature and the opposing forces in it do not frighten him. Nothing is further from him than the desire to resolve such conflicts ... and this is precisely the mark of the humanist spirit: not to evaluate contrasts as hostility but to seek human unity, that superior unity, for all that appears irreconcilable.
    Stefan Zweig (18811942)

    Each of us, even the lowliest and most insignificant among us, was uprooted from his innermost existence by the almost constant volcanic upheavals visited upon our European soil and, as one of countless human beings, I can’t claim any special place for myself except that, as an Austrian, a Jew, writer, humanist and pacifist, I have always been precisely in those places where the effects of the thrusts were most violent.
    Stefan Zweig (18811942)