Housing Developments

Housing developments are structured building development of residential properties. Popular throughout the United States and UK, these are often areas of high density, low impact residences of single family homes.

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Famous quotes containing the words housing and/or developments:

    We have been weakened in our resistance to the professional anti-Communists because we know in our hearts that our so-called democracy has excluded millions of citizens from a normal life and the normal American privileges of health, housing and education.
    Agnes E. Meyer (1887–1970)

    The developments in the North were those loosely embraced in the term modernization and included urbanization, industrialization, and mechanization. While those changes went forward apace, the antebellum South changed comparatively little, clinging to its rural, agricultural, labor-intensive economy and its traditional folk culture.
    C. Vann Woodward (b. 1908)