Hound Group

Hound Group is the name of a breed group of dogs, used by kennel clubs to classify a defined collection of dog breeds, and does not necessarily include all hound-type dogs. Most major English-language kennel clubs include a Hound Group (including The Kennel Club (UK), the American Kennel Club, the Canadian Kennel Club, the Australian National Kennel Council, the United Kennel Club, the Professional Kennel Club, the American Coon Hunters Association, and the New Zealand Kennel Club) although different kennel clubs may not include the same breeds in their Hound Group. The international kennel club association, the Fédération Cynologique Internationale, does not have a Hound Group, and includes most hound-type dogs in Group 6, Scenthounds and related Breeds, and Group 10, Sighthounds.

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