Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Passport - Physical Appearance

Physical Appearance

Since the issuing of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Passport commenced on 1 July 1997 following the transfer of sovereignty of Hong Kong, the passport has undergone three different changes, each with security enhancements. In February 2007, the first ePassport was introduced. The design conforms with the document design recommendations of the International Civil Aviation Organization. The new ePassport featured in the 2008 Stockholm Challenge Event and was a finalist for the Stockholm Challenge Award in the Public Administration categeory. The Hong Kong SAR ePassport design was praised on account of the "multiple state-of-the-art technologies are seamlessly integrated in the sophisticated Electronic Passport System (e-Passport System)". The cover of the new biometric passport remains essentially the same as that of previous versions, with the addition of the biometric passport logo at the bottom.

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