Honda CB200

The Honda CB200 (Honda Model # 354) is a road motorcycle (aka 'Sport') produced between 1973 and 1976. It replaced the CB175 model and has very similar specifications. It has a chain driven single overhead camshaft parallel twin engine with dual carburetors and five speed gearbox. It had both an electric starter and kick starter. A distinguishing feature is the rubber trim down the middle of the fuel tank. It has a related on/off road model the Honda CL200 that shares many parts but has an upswept exhaust system to avoid road hazards.

Depending on where in the world the bike was sold it is known as a CB200A/CB200B or CB200K/CB200T. All CB200s had a rear drum brake. Early models (CB200A - 73 and 74) had a drum front brake, later models (CB200B - 75 and 76) had a cable operated front disc brake. The cable operated front disc brake was controversial in its day, and had contradicting reviews as to its safety and braking ability.

The CB200 was a solid, well built, simple and light street bike introduced when Honda was consolidating its reach in many major markets (USA, Australia, England etc.).

The CB200 is legal for some categories of Bucket racing.

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