Honda C Engine

Honda C Engine

Honda's first production V6 was the C series; it was produced in displacements from 2.0 to 3.5 liters. The C engine was produced in various forms for over 20 years (1985–2005), having first been used in its then new Legend model, and its British sister car the Rover 800-series (and Sterling).

All C engines share in common a 90-degree V from bank to bank. Beyond this fact there is little to no similarity between the three drive train layouts. The engine family can be broken down into three sub families:

  • C20A, C20AT, C25A and C27A (transversely mounted)
  • C30A and C32B (transversely mounted rear)
  • C32A, C35A, and C35B (one-off) (longitudinally mounted)

As a general rule, interchange of parts will not work between these sub groups.

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