Hom, HOM, or similar may refer to:

  • Hom (musical instrument), a class of trumpet-like wind instruments, as used in pre-Columbian and traditional Maya music of Mesoamerica
  • Hall of mirrors effect, in 3D computer graphics
  • Hands On Miami, a volunteer community-service organization in Miami, Florida
  • Head of Mission, a generic term used to refer to the head of a diplomatic representation
  • Heart of Misery, a song by Finnish rock band The Rasmus
  • Higher-order modulation, a type of digital modulation usually with an order of 4 or higher
  • Holland (Amtrak station), a railway station in Michigan, USA (Amtrak station code HOM)
  • Hom functor, as defined in the mathematical field of category theory, a functor or specialised type of morphism between small category sets
  • HOm scale, a particular model railway scale or gauge
  • Homer Airport in Homer, Alaska (IATA code HOM)
  • House of Milan, American publisher of bondage magazines
  • Armenian Relief Society, alternate acronym HOM, based on the Armenian name Հայ Օգնութիան Միութիւն