Holy Wood (In The Shadow of The Valley of Death) - Track Listing

Track Listing

All lyrics written by Manson.

A: In the Shadow
No. Title Music Length
1. "GodEatGod" Manson 2:34
2. "The Love Song" Ramirez, 5 3:16
3. "The Fight Song" 5 2:55
4. "Disposable Teens" 5, Ramirez 3:01
D: The Androgyne
No. Title Music Length
5. "Target Audience (Narcissus Narcosis)" Ramirez, 5 4:18
6. ""President Dead"" Ramirez, 5, Gacy 3:13
7. "In the Shadow of the Valley of Death" Ramirez, 5 4:09
8. "Cruci-Fiction in Space" Ramirez, 5, Gacy 4:56
9. "A Place in the Dirt" 5 3:37
A: Of Red Earth
No. Title Music Length
10. "The Nobodies" 5, Manson 3:35
11. "The Death Song" 5, Manson 3:29
12. "Lamb of God" Ramirez 4:39
13. "Born Again" Ramirez, 5 3:20
14. "Burning Flag" Ramirez, 5 3:21
M: The Fallen
No. Title Music Length
15. "Coma Black: a. Eden Eye b. The Apple of Discord" Manson, 5, Ramirez 5:58
16. "Valentine's Day" Ramirez, Manson 3:31
17. "The Fall of Adam" Ramirez, 5 2:34
18. "King Kill 33ยบ" Ramirez 2:18
19. "Count to Six and Die (The Vacuum of Infinite Space Encompassing)" 5 3:24
Bonus tracks
No. Title Music Length
20. "The Nobodies" (Acoustic Version; Japan/UK editions only) Manson. 5 3:35
21. "Mechanical Animals" (Live; Japan edition only) Manson, Ramirez, Zum 4:41


  • The disc contains a data track which leads to a video no longer hosted by Interscope's website. This video was later included as a secret track on the companion DVD of Lest We Forget.

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