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In Literature

  • In H.G. Wells's book The First Men in The Moon (1901), Wells describes the insect-like "Selenites" who live inside a hollow Moon.
  • Edgar Rice Burroughs wrote an adventure novel, The Moon Maid (1922), set in the interior of a postulated hollow Moon which had an atmosphere and was inhabited. In the sequel, The Moon Men, natives of the hollow Moon invade and conquer Earth. Burroughs also wrote the Pellucidar series, set in the interior of a hollow Earth.
  • That Hideous Strength (1945) by C. S. Lewis takes place on Earth, but a hollow Moon is an important part of the novel's background, and is known by its inhabitants as "Sulva."
  • The Lomokome Papers, Herman Wouk's little-known venture into science fiction (1947), also uses the concept.
  • Neznaika on the Moon, (1965), by Russian author Nikolay Nosov.
  • In Shelton Ranasinghe's book Heaven at SETI's Doorstep (2011), scientists working for the SETI project detect signals coming from inside the Moon.

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