Holden Astra

The Holden Astra is a compact car that was marketed by Holden, the Australian subsidiary of General Motors. Spanning five generations, the original, Australia-only Astra of 1984 was a derivative of the locally-produced Nissan Pulsar, as was the 1987 Astra. It was succeeded by the Holden Nova in 1989—another unique to Australia model line, Holden in 1995 reintroduced the Astra for the New Zealand market. This was merely a badge engineering exercise, as the Opel Astra, from which the third generation Holden Astra was based, had been sold there since 1993. The following year, 1996, Holden discontinued the Nova line in favour of the Opel-based Holden Astra. This strategy has been in place ever since, with fourth and fifth generations launched in 1998 and 2004 respectively. During August 2009 Holden discontinued the Astra and replaced it with the Cruze, released two months prior.

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